EAA Reef Soup

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Only a few bottles of Reef Soup are released each week. Please check back in later should none be available.

If ordering reef Soup only -use the drop down to select the option including freight. This will allow you to order 1 bottle for $60 delivered, rather than paying the $25 flat rate fee.

If ordering other products as well as Reef Soup select x1 without freight and freight will be charged to the whole order as normal.


Reef Soup contains Live Amphipods, mysid shrimp, Tisbe copepods, L-strain Rotifers, and ciliates.

These creatures are wonderful additions to a reef aquarium. Not only are they a fantastic contributor to your reef ecosystem by consuming left over food and fish waste, they will breed and supply your fish and coral with the ultimate reef food.

Each mix will contain at least 6 mysis and 8 amphipods along with hundreds of pods rots and ciliates.