About Us

Since our original mouth brood of Banggai Cardinals, we have managed to also successfully breed and supply Ocellaris clowns, and Orchid Dottybacks around Australia.  Our current focus, however, is the wonderful varieties of Percula Picassos and Platinum Clowns.

Like a human fingerprint, every Picasso clown  is completely unique and with such a low percentage of the hatch branding the excess white bars, they are also extremely rare.

We are currently working on breeding a number of other fish and we are hoping to add a few more hardy tank raised species into the market place.

While, we have aquacultured and supplied many types of SPS, soft and LPS corals, it is the beauty and variety of the Zoanthids and Palythoa that has become our main focus.

We now have over 100 named Zoas and Palys on our growing list of parent colonies.



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