Live Copepods

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Only a few bottles of Copepods are released each week. Please check back in later should none be available.


Live Tisbe Harpacticoid copepods. These are benthic copepods which is what you want in you reef tank as it is what many fish such as Mandarin Dragonets eat and they will survive. Other places supply free swimming copepods which will not in a home aquarium and will not be eaten by picking fish.

100 ml. bottles containing 100's of copepods. generally under 1mm in size. Great for live food or seeding a reef.

Culturing Copepods in large numbers is more difficult than it seems. The population of each culture can fluctuate dramatically. Each time an order is supplied, the population is dented and needs time to recover. Therefore, only a limited amount of bottles are released at one time.

**Bottles of Pods may contain, rotifers and ciliates which are live zooplankton and the perfect food for corals***

 **pods video- click here**