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 Vibrant is a new revolutionary liquid aquarium cleaner. You can say goodbye to algae, cloudy water and that grungy, dirty aquarium and say hello to that sparkling, crystal clear, algae free, vibrant aquarium you have always wanted!

Finally a product that will defeat those pest algaes and give you the most amazingly clear water!  This product is taking the USA by storm. Just read some of the reviews and check out the forums for some incredible success stories.

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Vibrant is safe with all fish, corals and invertebrates.


Please email with any questions about Vibrant.

Vibrant Dosing Instructions -



For a very well taken care of, clean aquarium, add 1ml of Vibrant per 10 gallons of aquarium water once every 2 weeks.


For a dirtier aquarium, add 1ml of Vibrant per 10 gallons of aquarium water once per week.

If you are battling Bryopsis or Turf algae, dose 1ml of Vibrant per 10 gallons of aquarium water two times per week.


There is no need to discontinue the use of any filtration while using Vibrant.


Vibrant is safe with all fish, corals and invertebrates.


Vibrant works differently in every aquarium. Some people see almost instant results and some people will have to do multiple treatments for it to kick in and take over. If the first dose knocks it out, great! If not, follow the dosing schedule and sooner than later you will have a clean Vibrant tank also :)

***Special Note for people dosing for Dinoflagellates***

There are many different strains of dinos. Some are much easier to defeat than others. Vibrant wipes out some with in days and others it doesn't work against but remember dinos can be toxic and the toxins can be released once the Vibrant starts attacking the cells. Please use caution when treating for dinos. We recommend syphoning as much out as possible before treatment and running good quality carbon during the treatment. Applying a total light black out for a few days is also recommended as you don't know how tough your strain may be.


With regards to Cyano, atlhough it works sometimes, Vibrant is not always a good treatment for Cyano as Cyano is a bacteria, not an algae. Some people actually experience a cyano bloom while dosing vibrant. This is created by a release of nutrients from dying algae and a change in balance of P04 and N03. This is nothing to worry about and will go away eventually however any form of red slime/ cyano remover can be used to quickly remove it safely. Cyano is much easier to remove than algaes such as bubble, green hair, dinos or bryopsis so have cyano instead is a good problem to have!

Macro Algae (Caulerpa / Chaeto)

Some people also experience a die off of macro algaes after long term use, however this is only in some aquariums but the product does kill Algae so eventually it will start harming your macro. Once again, if it removes GHA and/or Bryopsis but you lose your macro - it's a good problem to have.

Finally, vibrant does not replace good husbandry.

If you have algae due to high nutrients or bad water quality or you run the wrong lights for the wrong amount of time or you have live rock full of phosphate, Vibrant may not be successful for you.


Vibrant Warning -

Vibrant is for aquarium use only. Keep away from children and pets.

​10 things to consider before purchasing:

1. It's a strain of bacteria that kills algae. It's has been tested vigorously with corals, inverts and crustaceans (including Copepods and amphipods) and it doesn't not affect them.  If they are affected after the use of Vibrant is due to a knock on affect of something else.
For example, killing dinoflagellates can release the toxins they hold, which could cause corals to revert or possibly kill snails or pods, but it is not the Vibrant itself causing those reactions. Dinoflagellates will kill snails, pods and corals if left untreated so it's probably best to have a minor reaction during treatment than a major reaction for lack of treatment.   Killing off algae can also starve snails.
If the product killed inverts, every user would have the same complaint but those complaints are so infrequent, it is obviously an issue with the users tank - not the product.
2. There are thousand of types of algae. What you might think is GHA or bryopsis, could be something else. Vibrant kills most known algaes within 6 weeks but it may take longer on others or may not even kill others. It will kill macro algae eventually if dosed long term.
3. Clean glass and water is almost noticeable immediately but It often takes 4-6 weeks to take affect on the major pest algae types. Some people give up after a couple of weeks and claim it doesn't work it is best to make that judgement after 6 weeks.
4. Algae survives by consuming nutrients and it stores them. When vibrant kills the algae, the nutrients will be released back into the water column. If they are not removed, you are not removing the food source of the algae. While the pest algae you treated may die off, another algae could start to grow given the sudden availability of nutrients. Yes there are probably other types of algae in your tank that you didn't know you had. They just didn't grow until you released the food source.
5. Killing off algae that a) consumes nutrients and b) release nutrients can create an imbalance which can result in Cyano. Cyano is easy to remove. GHA, Bryopsis, Bubble algae are extremely hard to remove. If you aren't prepared to risk having cyano at the expense of the other algae then maybe you shouldn't use Vibrant.
6. Vibrant may take a twice weekly dose for the tough algaes.
7. The bacteria continues to work after dosing has stopped. Some people dose their tank and don't see results and stop dosing.  They then use another product and see results, not realizing that the vibrant bacteria is still doing it's job. They then credit the second product!
8. There have been thousands of bottles sold, and thousands of customers that cured the problems and moved on. Tanks covered in hair algae or bubble algae which have been close to being shut down have been bought back to life with Vibrant. There is enough consumer accounts to prove it works. There are a handful of people that had bad experiences due to a few of the above reasons.
 9. Social media will bring out the handful of people who had negative experiences. While the thousands of people who used it without issue generally stay out of discussions regarding the product. The people with bad experiences didn't understand the product or the pest they were dealing with.  The emptiest vessels often make the most noise so take on board all reviews and experiences and use your common sense to establish whether the issues were user driven or product driven.
10. Whilst complaining about the product, the people with negative comments often reveal the terrible state their tanks were already in before treatment. It is not a cure for poor maintenance and poor husbandry. If you have 4 different types of pest algae overtaking your tank, there is a nutrient control problem or a maintenance issue. Vibrant will not fix nutrient and maintenance issues.

Vibrant Ingredients - 

95% Cultured Bacteria Blend

1% Amino Acids (Aspartic Acid)

0.5% Vinegar

3.5% RO/DI Water