Phytoplankton 100ml - Rotifer, Copepod food

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Frozen Rotigrow Plus Phytoplankton algae blend

100ml concentrate, supplied in a small bottle.

This is a concentrate and is much more dense than a home algae culture. It is significantly easier, more convenient and, if you consider time as cost, actually a lot cheaper than culturing your own. The cells are not live and cannot start a culture but will last over 6 months if refrigerated. Just 100mls will maintain a culture of Rotifers or Copepods for months.

It is also a fantastic food for you reef tank to maintain pods populations and feed corals.

Fatty Acids

12:0 Lauric acid 3.0 18:3n6 GLA 2.9
14:0 Myristic acid 11.4 18:3n3 ALA 0.4
16:0 Palmitic acid 24.4 18:4n3 SDA 5.4
16:1n7 Palmitoleic acid 11.7 20:3n6 DGLA 0.2
16:2n4 Hexadecadienoic 3.4 20:4n6 ARA 2.1
18:0 Stearic acid 1.4 20:5n3 EPA 18.1
18:1n9 Oleic acid 11.8 22:5n3 DPA (n-3) 2.1
18:2n6 LA 10.9 22:6n3 DHA 41.9

NOTE: fatty acid units after "profile" units are mg/g d.w.


DHA : EPA : ARA 2.3 : 1.0 : 0.12
EPA + DHA 60 mg/g d.w. (Biomass)
Total HUFAs, 20:3n3 64 mg/g d.w. (Biomass)
Total fatty acids 154 mg/g d.w. (Biomass)