Reef Revolution Pro-biotic Polyp feast

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Thought Polyp Feast couldn't get better? sick of excess nutrients after feeding? well..... 🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿


Polyp Feast Pro-Biotic
A concentrated blend of specially selected aquacultured marine plankton strains and bacteria strains to naturally reduce nutrients caused by feeding. Polyp Feast Pro-Biotic contains nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria strains and different planktonic particle sizes to suit all reef aquariums, feeding all corals with a high protein diet for accelerated growth and better colouration while keeping nutrients down.


Replace caska seal and twist cap after every use.
Store in a cool dry place.
Please recycle jar when the product is finished.


Directions: 1g per 100 litres for heavily stocked tanks or 0.5g for per 100 litres for lightly stocked tanks. 

Guaranteed analysis  Polyp Feast

Crude Protein >58%
Crude Fat >18%
Crude Fibre < 6%
Crude Ash < 5%
Moisture < 6%2

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