Camera Filters

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Have you ever looked at your aquarium under blue lights, admiring the incredible fluorescent glow of your corals and thought, "I have to take a photo of this!" - Only to see the final picture looks nothing like what you saw and seems to be ruined by an overpowering blue hue?

Well, cameras and blue lights don't work well together. These filters, when placed over a camera lens, simply help remove the excessive blue spectrum, bringing out the fluorescent greens and yellows that you normally only see with your eye.

The Filters come in 6 different shades for varying lighting levels and can be purchased in 50mm x 50mm squares for use with a smartphone camera, 100mm x 100mm squares for use with DSLR cameras.

These can be posted for free if ordered without other products as they will be posted in an envelope via standard post.

*Free postage applies to Australian customers only.

A $5 AUD charge applies to international orders. Please email us to arrange international orders.