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CADE Pro Reef series is the latest range of customisable marine aquariums. Every model in the CADE Pro Reef Series is a beautifully designed foundation to enable the aquarist to build a truly personalised marine system.

The CADE Pro Reef Series delivers a unique combination of innovative Aquarium design and minimalist sophistication. From styling to function, every element takes into consideration current and future trends in both Aquaria and home design to produce an industry leading Aquarium system. This is why CADE are the preferred choice of marine aquarists all around the world.
Pro Reef Tank
The CADE Pro Reef tank is constructed using flat polished super high clarity Opti-Clear glass to all panels (incl. base). Silicone is applied robotically for a minimal silicone finish with perfect lines, gaps and edges. The CADE logo is laser etched within the front glass panel and serves as your guarantee of authenticity.

The Pro Reef tank utilizes space at the rear of the tank to form CADE's multi-purpose 'backdrop' system. The tank has an internal glass panel installed 10cm off the rear made from 2x 5mm laminated glass panels with the black background colour within. This prevents any chance of discolouration to the rear wall. The CADE backdrop system contains a weir, recirculation pump/s (pre-installed) and most importantly a large freshwater Auto Top Off (ATO). 
The Australian Pro Reef systems differs from all others. We felt it was important to not lose inhabitable tank space to the new CADE backdrop system. So all Australian Pro Reef tanks and cabinets measure 700mm wide instead of 600mm wide. This adjustment makes up for the 100mm lost to the backdrop system.  

The large ATO prevents the need for frequent refilling of evaporated Aquarium water. We think it is one of the greatest assets of the Pro Reef system. The ATO extends from the right side of the tank, underneath the recirculation pump chamber/s all the way across to the weir wall. Plumbing from the ATO feeds directly to a float valve mounted in the return pump chamber of the sump. A flip top cover provides access to the ATO for easy refilling and a water volume indicator on the side of the tank allows you to monitor your reservoirs water level. 
The Pro Reef Weir is like no other. It draws water from both the surface and mid level inlet vents. Inside the weir water is delivered to the sump via a main downflow pipe and an additional emergency overflow pipe is installed should the main pipe become blocked. The water intake system has been carefully designed to ensure it runs silently without further modification. A flip top cover keeps it looking neat and provides easy access for maintenence and cleaning.

The Recirculation pump/s are a great addition to the CADE Pro Reef system. They help to further increase water movement within the Aquarium. Water is drawn through both surface & lower vent/s and is returned to the tank through outlets equipped with directional flow adjustability. The cover that conceals the pumps can either flip up or slide forward allowing space for rear panel lighting mounts.

Plumbing within the tank is neatly concealed within the backdrop section of the tank. The plumbing is pre fabricated to fit perfectly with easy to assemble screw fit connections. All connections and bulkheads are supplied with seals and no silicone is required during the installation.
Pro Reef Cabinet

The unique range of CADE cabinets are beautifully designed to suit contemporary home decor whilst withstanding highly corrosive conditions.

They come in 2 colours, Black and White/Champagne.

The frame is made from aluminum and all external panels/doors are glass, including the internal base panel the sump filter rests on. The entire CADE ProReef cabinet is 100% water/rust proof making them the most durable hard wearing pieces of aquarium furniture on the market today.
Colour is applied to the frame via an electrolytic dipping process known as Anodizing which provides a much stronger colour bond, greater scratch resistence and superior wear resistance over traditional coating methods. Rest assured knowing that your cabinet will never warp or swell like a wooden cabinet. They simply wipe clean and remain looking like new for years to come.

Power Management. The CADE Pro Reef cabinets come with power management smartly accessible through doors located on either side of the cabinet. Here you can safely and neatly mount sensitive electronic controllers and connect power plugs to the inbuilt power boards found on both sides of the cabinet. Each board contains x6 power sockets (total of x12).
Adjustable Castor Feet is a unique feature of CADE cabinets. This feature conveniently takes care of uneven floors by allowing you to screw individual castors up or down and to ensure your tank is completely level. CADE even provide a mini spirit level which you can place on the top edge of the tank whilst your making height adjustments.  

Pro Reef Sump
The CADE Pro Reef sump filtration system is a unique design that offers unparalleled versatility. Water is delivered to the sump through pre fabricated screw fit plumbing which assembles in minutes. The main downflow pipe is equipped with a 'gate valve' to assist with flow rate management to the sump if required. The first chamber contains filter sock/sfor mechanical pre-filteration. The second and third chambers have controlled water levels (21cm) making them suitable for a protein skimmer, reactors and submerged biological media. The 3rd chambers water vents are appropriately designed to make it suitable for use as a substrate style refugium and/or a simple macro algae chamber. The fourth chamber houses the return pump and has a generous space allowance to accomodate larger return pumps. The return pump plumbing is equipped with flexi hose which connects to the PVC return flow plumbing feeding water back into the tank. As mentioned, the system is also equipped with a fully functional gravity fed Auto Top Off' (ATO) system. The ATO float valve is mounted within the return pump chamber. This feature provides replenishment of evaporated Aquarium water.

Tank Specifications

  • Dimensions: 900 (L) x 700 (W) x 550 (H).
  • Total Tank Capacity (without sump): 346L
  • Inhabitable Tank Capacity: 297L
  • Glass thickness: 12mm. 
  • Opti-Clear glass (All Panels).
  • Flat polished edges.
  • Open top (rimless).
  • Perfectly cut silicone edges.
  • Rear black drop: 2x 5mm laminated glass panels c/w colour in between.
  • Backdrop includes: Weir, ATO reservoir and recirculation pump/s.
  • Weir downflow pipes include 1x main, 1x emergency. Silent operation.
  • Water enters weir via both surface and mid level intake vents.
  • ATO Volume: 20L 
  • Recirculation pumps (pre-installed), x21000LPH per pump.
  • Outflow direction adjustablity. 
  • Screw fit pre-fabricated plumbing. No silicone required.
  • All tank plumbing neatly concealed behind the Backdrop rear panel.
  • Laser etched CADE logo.
  • Chamois.
  • Spirit level for use with adjustable castor feet on cabinet.
  • Packaging: Plywood box, foam corners and plastic film wrap.

Cabinet Specifications.

  • Colour - Black & White/Gold.
  • Dimensions: 900 (L) x 700 (W) x 800 (H).
  • Waterproof alluminum / glass cabinet.
  • Foam tank pad pre-installed.
  • Glass front and side doors.
  • Side panel doors open to access power and cable management.
  • Each side contains a power board with 6 power ports (total x12).
  • Adjustable castor feet. 
  • Cabinet supplied assembled with sump secured inside.
  • Packaging: Plywood box, foam corners and plastic film wrap.

Sump Filter & Plumbing Specifications.

  • Dimensions: 760 (L) x 450 (W) x 360 (H).
  • Capacity: 123L.
  • Four chambers
  • Prefilter mechanical chamber: 33x10cm (LxW) c/w Filter Socks
  • Protein skimmer chamber: 33x32.5cm (LxW).
  • Biological media chamber: 42x25cm (LxW).
  • Return pump chamber: 42x18 (LxW).
  • Water height in controlled chambers (pre-filter, skimmer & biological chambers): 21cm (H). 
  • ATO float valve mounted in the return pump chamber.
  • All plumbing is pre fabricated and every join is a screw fit connection.
  • Adjustable down flow gate valve.

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