Aquarium Cover kits - includes free shipping

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Keep your expensive fish in the tank with the best aquarium covers available in Australia!

The easy-assemble pvc frame is low profile and uses magnetic strips to stay securely fixed on the rim of your aquarium. The netting allows nearly 100% light penetration while the small holes prevent just about all fish and other inhabitants from leaping to an unfortunate death.

The pieces can be easily cut to size to fit any tank.


The kits come with:

-5x5mm polypro transparent netting

-PVC track strips and corner pieces for the frame

-magnetic track strip to secure the net to the frame

-and, adhesive magnetic tape which is applied to the aquarium rim


Unlike some DIY options, these kits:

-will not corrode

-will not release aluminium into the water

-allow maximum light penetration and gas exchange unlike bird netting or cover glass

-secure in position magnetically

- can be custom ordered and designed to any shape


Indentations can be added to the frames to navigate around light brackets, overflows, plumbing, etc.  Just purchase extra corners and strips

Add an indent kit, which includes 30cm of pvc and magnetic strip as well as 4 corner pieces.


 Please check out the installation instructions to see how easy they are to assemble.