ABC Reagent kit - compatible reagents for Trident marine aquarium water analyzer

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Our Reagents are supplied in the correct sized bottles. There is no decanting.

Reagent solutions for analysis of alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium levels. Can be used to manually test levels of alkalinity, Ca, and Mg of aquarium water. Compatible with Trident automated testing systems.

2 month supply contains:

0.5 L reagent A (2 X 0.25 L bottles)

0.25 L reagent B bottle

0.25 L reagent C bottle

One bottle of calibration solution

# IMPORTANT - Keep your original grey bottles and original cap with sample tube. The Abc reagents do not fit into the analyzer. The reagent liquid needs to be decanted into the original shape reagent bottles.

*2 month supply based on common testing frequencies of automated systems


Helpful Tips for Using Reagents

Helpful Tips


Setting up with automated testing system

Simply pour ABC Reagents into the containers of your automated testing system, then proceed with the calibration procedure of your choice.


Calibration Options: The reagents will need to be calibrated if using an automated testing system

  • We do provide a calibration solution, but do not provide a value of accuracy limits for this solution.
  • Perform manual tests of your tank water using your trusted test kits. Then calibrate using those values
  • Use calibration solution from another source/vendor of your preference
  • Ultimately, you may use any water source with values you determine are accurate to your liking


Shipping Issues

If your package contents were damaged upon receipt, please contact us immediately via email and provide your order # along with pictures and we will attempt to resolve as soon as possible.



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