Multi Reference 100ml

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Have you ever tested you water and been skeptical of the result?
So you use another test kit which gives you a different result and then you start wondering which test was true? 
Inaccurate test kits are quite common and can be extremely dangerous in this hobby.
With this reference, it is possible for the first time, to test your test kits.

Can be tested: 

Calcium 410 mg / l
Magnesium 1256 mg / l
Pottasium 370 mg/l
dKH 8 / 2,9 meq/l
Strontium 7.38 mg/l
Salinity 35 ppm
Phosphate Po4  0.08mg/l
Nitrate No3  10 mg/l
the water parameters in the reference Solution are laboratory controlled and in a stable Seawater Matrix. Herewith is a exact control of each water test possible.