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Hi All,


As some of you may already have seen, there is another person who has copied our business name (almost word for word) and is selling zoas and palys on Facebook.  The other party has been advised of our existence and has been advised that Exotic Aquaculture Australia is a registered business  (in case they weren't already aware). However, despite being well aware of ridiculous similarity of business names, they are obviously choosing to keep their business name as is.
Please be aware that we are Exotic Aquaculture Australia.  EAA

We are a registered online store and all our sales are conducted through the website - or

We just wanted to point this out as clearly the other business operates very differently to us. We have had many inquiries asking if we are the same company. We have actually had a couple of complaints as to why we hadn't responded to posts or messages in our usual quick fashion but it was soon realised the requests had gone to the other company's page.
Our focus is to provide highest quality and largest range of aquacultured corals and tank raised marine fish and we aim to provide highest level of customer service in doing so.


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